Mesh and Sling Complications Treatment

Mesh and Sling Complications

After years of fighting against the use of trans-vaginal synthetic mesh, Dr. Margolis is pleased to share the news that Ethicon, a major mesh/sling U.S. manufacturer has voluntarily pulled its 4 mesh/sling products off the market.  Furthermore, a 5th product is being reclassified as only to be used for abdominal surgery.  These actions show that the complications Dr. Margolis warned about beginning in the late 1990's are, indeed of the most serious nature. Read Ethicon's Letter

In 1998 medical device companies first introduced synthetic mesh for use in the correction of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The use of mesh initially enjoyed popular support. Dr. Margolis has always maintained from the start that the synthetic mesh systems used for transvaginal surgery were dangerous and his warnings were realized when published reports began reporting the high complication rate from mesh and sling systems. These complications include mesh erosions, obstructions of the urethra, injuries to adjacent organs, massive hemorrhage, damage to internal organs, pain, scarring, loss of consortium and failure of the procedures to work. Dr. Margolis has extensive experience in removing these mesh systems.

For more details on mesh complications please read the following important warning from the US FDA regarding transvaginal mesh. Please also refer to the section on "Repair of Surgical Complications".