Pelvic Reconstructive Urogynecologic Surgery Help

Pelvic Reconstructive Urogynecologic Surgery

Reconstructive, Reoperative and Reparative Surgery

There are a variety of conditions stemming from complications and failures from previous gynecologic surgery, endometriosis, fibroids, congenital abnormalities and birth trauma..  All of these fall into the category of true reconstructive, reoperative and repairative surgery.  Commonly treated conditions include (but are not limited to); repair of fistulas involving the bladder, rectum, ureters and bowels, damage to pelvic organs secondary to endometriosis, vaginoplasty for congenital abnormalities such as Mullerian agenesis and repair and rejuvination of the vagina secondary to obstetric injuries.

Dr. Margolis has extensive training and experience in the operative correction of these conditions.  He has trained students and doctors from major Universities in the U.S. including Emory University in Atlanta, Northwestern University in Chicago, Stanford University, The University of Wisconsin and Universities in Peru, Ghana and Uganda.  He has trained Pelvic Surgery fellows who have gone on to practice in academic centers in Canada and The University of Kansas.  He has lectured extensively on theses subject matters worldwide and has published articles in major peer review journals.  Dr. Margolis has served as consultant surgeon to the doctors of the Bay Area for over ten years.